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Imagine Biotech uses advanced technologies to de-risk portfolios, leveraging improved data resources and model assumptions, from molecular modeling (DFT) to ADMET and PK predictions. Our expertise surpasses any single organization, akin to diagnostic physicians selecting the right tests through years of training.


Typical biotech investment presentations often suffer from human cognitive biases, leading to flawed conclusions, contributing to a 90% failure rate in clinical drug development. Our skilled staff reviews hypotheses throughout their commercialization journey, selecting appropriate tests and technologies to ensure investment success, often more cost-effective than legal reviews.

95% of clinical drug development fails, costing investors millions of dollars for each failed startup


  • Lack of pre-clinical efficacy (40%–50%)


  • Unmanageable toxicity (30%) 


  • Poor drug-like properties (10%–15%)


  • Lack of commercial needs and poor strategic planning (10%)


1. Molecular Docking/Pre-clinical Toxicology Reports

We use open-source AI/ML models, databases, and docking software for biotech due diligence. With over 80 docking tools, we analyze 3D structures of APIs with target proteins, using resources like NCBI Clinvar. We utilize AlphaFold3, Rosetta Commons, and quantum simulations for detailed structural analysis. Legal offices lack the expertise to avoid system conflicts cost-effectively.

2. ADMET Prediction with PK Modelling

Our staff use an ADMET and PK package for early detection of formulation challenges, integrating molecular data with physiological insights. AI in Drug Toxicity Prediction reduces late-stage failures, using six toxicity properties and Tox21 endpoints. We use about 40 quantum chemistry programs, including DFT packs, with libfwa for Q-chem post-processing.

3. Investigational Due Diligence 

Due diligence often requires a consultative approach due to misrepresentation in academia's "publish or perish" culture. Last year, over 10,000 research papers were retracted, highlighting widespread scientific fraud. The International Association of Scientific, Technical, and Medical Publishers (STM) is developing tools to counter this. Scientific due diligence is essential to verify that research-based investment pitches are not fraudulent, a task beyond the resources of typical legal offices.

4. Strategic Advisory Consultancy

Consultancy Clients rely on us for navigating technical evaluations using tailored machine learning algorithms, factoring in regulatory and scientific considerations, safeguarding their professional reputation and operations.

It is surprising how few investment firms understand regulatory authorities or are able to identify the regulatory authorities that govern pharmaceuticals in specific target markets. 

5. Risk Intelligence ReviewsToday's 

Today's biotech deal market is commoditized. We give clients a crucial information edge using financial pharma valuation models to calculate the risk-adjusted DCF value of biotech startups. Our probability-adjusted forecasts consider development stage success rates and their impact on valuation. The model also calculates investor returns during portfolio raising efforts.

6. Grant Proposal Support 

We have secured substantial non-dilutive funding through federal and universitygrants, offering clients experienced principal investigators, technical reports,and grant securing best practices. Including an AI analysis in funding proposalsenhances the likelihood of success.Our team can work with your portfolio companies to successfully write grantapplications for non-dilutive funding that will make your investments more costefficient. Our target grant win rate is 40% while the national average is less than20 % win for grant writers.

7. CMC Consulting

Developing an IND application is a major milestone, especially for small companies. Often, the CMC aspect is overlooked until too late, causing 40% of clinical holds. CMC is crucial for ensuring drug quality, safety, and efficacy. We cover all aspects of drug development, from initial design through manufacturing, to ensure consistent quality and regulatory compliance.

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